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Top 5 Strategies To Find Investor Leads For Your Deals

Top 5 Strategies To Find Investor Leads For Your Deals

Top 5 Strategies To Find Investor Leads For Your Deals

One pain point that all real estate syndicators share is the struggle to find investor leads for your deals. Believe it or not, there are people out there with money who want to invest, but they don’t know where to put it, who to trust, or even where to search for investment opportunities. At the same time, YOU have deals and are looking for investors with whom to share the opportunity. It’s all about creating that win-win situation where you connect with investors and where they get to learn about the opportunities and invest alongside you. In this article, you’ll discover the five most effective strategies to build your investor base and attract new investor leads for your real estate syndication deals. 

Five Organic Growth Strategies for Attracting Leads 

No matter where you are in your business building journey, these five keys will work. They are tried and true and have risen above the hundreds of techniques we’ve used at CrestWorth Capital as the most effective for finding new investor leads. Shockingly, not one of the five is paid ads. Paid ads are great when they work, but when you turn them off, the leads stop as well. All five strategies shared here are effective, organic ways to grow your reach, attract new leads, and ultimately find qualified, interested investors for your deals. 

Being a Podcast Guest

The best option by far is the be a podcast guest. Podcast hosts are often looking for expert guests to share new ideas, opportunities, or perspectives with their audience. So, basically, they’re looking for YOU. Being a guest on a podcast is the easiest and most effective strategy because all you have to do is show up for your interview. Their team edits, produces, and promotes the show, resulting in a polished piece of long-form content you can share with your audience too. Podcast interviews are an excellent opportunity for you to answer questions about real estate syndications, talk about how they work, share the risks and rewards, discuss your experiences with investing, and show your compassion in helping people solve their pain points through investing. It’s extremely likely that subscribers already know, like, and trust the podcast host, so as a guest, you’re leveraging that bond. By virtue of the host inviting you onto the show, they’re subtly communicating to their audience that you’re a trustworthy person, which makes it likely for their audience to follow and engage with you. 

Serve In And Engage With The Community To Find Investor Leads For Your Deals

The second-best strategy is social media. Before you roll your eyes, this section is NOT about posting all the things on all platforms, unlike other advice you’ve likely heard. One specific way you can organically reach and attract new investor leads for syndication deals is to hang out where your ideal client hangs out, leveraging the power of Facebook Groups. Purposely join Facebook Groups where your target potential investor and you might have a shared interest, and provide support, helpful perspective, and, when appropriate, a nugget or two about your personal experience with investing in real estate syndications. When done well, this tactic creates a true connection with other like-minded individuals because you’re building upon what you already have in common (the general Facebook Group topic of interest), and furthering the relationship with empathy by sharing knowledge that helps them solve their problems. As you can tell, this is a completely different approach than sharing every video and post and link on every platform all the time. It’s a less “in your face” approach and more focused on serving and helping as a means of attraction. Yes, we suggest you post your content, but remember, posts to your Instagram feed or Facebook business page only reach a small percentage of people who already follow you. This engagement strategy fosters connection with potential investors who aren’t already following and provides you with the opportunity to invite them into your tribe in a more genuine way.

Collaborate With Other Leaders

This third strategy requires a little creativity on your part. You’re tasked with dreaming up and connecting with a short list of professionals with whom your business issues and audience might overlap. Who are some influencers, leaders, or professionals who your followers might benefit from? Consider a CPA, for example. Investors always have tax questions, so it might benefit everyone involved to partner with a CPA who’s willing to do a session or a video with you for your investors. In return, you can do a session with their clients and answer some investing questions or share some insights. This works for guest blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Maybe your audience isn’t exactly like their audience, but there are some shared interests and each of you have the opportunity to infuse value into the other person’s audience.Some suggestions for shared interest audiences with real estate investing may be tax professionals, financial freedom bloggers, podcasters, and youtubers, retirement professionals, and self-directed IRA experts. Start making your list of people you’d like to collaborate with today.

Host Your Own Podcast Or Event

Organic audience attraction strategy number four is to host your own podcast or event. These days, virtual summits are highly popular and much less costly to host and promote than the in-person events of the past that required travel, hotel stays, and food. Online events and podcasts require some coordination and a small investment, but you’re creating your own platform that you own and control where you can invite guests to share their expertise. When guests appear on your podcast or during your online event, they share the content with their audience too, automatically distributing your content to a wide array of potential new investors. With ownership of your platform, you can be selective about who you invite and strategic about what content is shared to whom, while benefitting from the know, like, and trust factor generated in other people’s audiences by being the facilitator and expert host. 

Create Videos

The fifth and final key tactic toward finding investor leads is to create and distribute valuable videos. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the many options where you can record and post videos that not only answer questions and contain valuable content, but where viewers can get to know you. Video is the absolute fastest way to create connection with strangers because they can see your expressions, body language, whether you’re talking with empathy, view the environment around you, and even find things they have in common with you that they wouldn’t have picked up via audio or text. To start, sharing simple videos where you answer a frequently asked question or two, is a great way to generate interest, create curiosity, and engage with your audience. Even if you think no one will watch your video or that your audience is “too small” you’d be surprised at the level of connection you can create with people just by sharing videos and letting people see the real you. 


In summary, the top five most effective ways toward organic growth and attracting investor leads to your syndication business are guest-appearances on podcasts, providing value in Facebook Groups, collaborating with other professionals with a parallel audience, hosting your own podcast, and finally, creating your own videos. Each of these tactics for attracting investor leads take time, commitment, and maybe a little strategy, but are much more effective than any of the other lead attraction tactics we’ve tried.In several of the options presented here, notice how you’re leveraging someone else’s expertise, audience, or platform to share your positive message and reach a broader crowd. Any opportunity to lean on a fellow creator or business-owner and foster your relationship with them, introduce them to your audience, and nurture your relationship with their audience is a win-win for everyone involved. Keep in mind, consistency is key here, just as in many other facets of life. Don’t guest on one podcast and expect the leads to magically roll in. Building a brand, a business, authority, and an audience who can’t wait to throw their hard-earned cash at you takes time. Now, for the real question, which of these will you implement first?